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There's much to see here. So, take your time, The following is a basic demonstration of the SwivelMED innovation that we don't mind sharing on the web.  But to experience the real innovation you need to see it for yourself.  Contact us and lets get started!


Immersive Experience

"SwivelMed is amazing! 

This is the best immersive learning experience we have ever seen. " 

4k / VR 360 3D & 2D Production

"When I realized that I could watch the whole OR from my phone in VR or simply in my hand I  was amazed!  The quality of the video, imagery and the detail visible is outstanding.  Great Job!"

Fantastic Interaction

"The ability to watch a complex surgery from multiple perspectives and then take a quiz in Virtual Reality is fantastic!  This really helps you remember what you are learning."

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We enjoy sharing the new innovations in immersive and interactive technology.                             We welcome the opportunity to discuss how this technology can revolutionize your complex industry and training environments.

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